In the same manner that careful treatment planning of a complex dental case yields a wonderful and predictable smile, the planning of your website should be carefully considered prior to starting this project. Below are some examples of how you can gather information to plan your website design. This information can then be presented to your web designer to give them the best possible idea of what you expect from your website. This information allows them to be able to provide added comments or suggestions and expertise so all goals are met in the final design of your website.


1. Surf the web - Find examples of dental web sites. Make notes on what you like about these sites and what you do not like. These do not even have to be all dental web sites. If you like a component or how another site is designed make notes of what you like and how you see something similar being used on your web site. Remember that it is illegal to copy content identically, but this is a good method to start gathering ideas and melding different ideas together.


2. Gather Practice Information - Do you have existing literature or practice information that you would like included on your website? Remember there is no need to reinvent the wheel if this information already exists for your practice. Edit this information and make notes for how you would like this information to be presented on your web site. Do you have a professionally designed logo? Do you have a color scheme that you would like to use to represent your practice? Do you have photos of you, your staff, or practice that you would like included on the web site? Do new photos need to be taken?


3. Set your practice apart from the others - What makes your practice unique? Is there an aspect of your practice that sets it apart from other practices that you would like to focus on to initially draw patients to your practice? This could be a number of different things: technology, facility, experience, relaxed setting, gental care, caring team, qualifications, focus on a particular area of dentistry, advanced prodedures, etc...


Once you have gathered the above information and thought about what you would like for your website and how you would like your practice branded, it is time to discuss your thoughts with your designer. If you come prepared with what your thoughts are you can then better communicate to your web designer what you would like to see in your website. Your designer can then take these ideas and make suggestions on how best to implement this design. Your designer may also often times be able to elaborate on your ideas and provide other suggestions. Being prepared and letting your designer know what you would like to see in your website will make for a simple process and provide you with a unique and predictable result.

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