How do I manage the content and information on my dental practice website?


It is important to provide current information and to keep your website up to date. You may also wish to post promotions or updated topics online. How then is the best way to easily and cost effectively make these updates?


The answer to this question will vary based upon the skill, time, and motivation of the person making these updates. If you have the skill, time, and motivation to make your own updates, this can be arranged by your designer when the web site is designed. The methods by which you would make these updated can vary. Having the ability to make your own updates can also add to the initial design cost for the web site. Often times it may be easier and more cost effective to simply have your web site designer make these updates for you. Be sure to discuss how often you plan to make updates and how you plan to make these updates with your designer when developing your website.


I also caution you that many times people will spend extra to have access or a site designed that allows them "easy access" to make updates only to realize that this is more difficult or time consuming than they predicted. Updating a web page can be much more difficult than simply setting up a facebook page. On the other hand, if you have advanced computer experience and limited web experience you may find it simple and cost effective to make your own updates. Either way, this is something that must be considered when having your site designed because it is imperative that the content on your site is up to date no matter who or how the updates are being made.

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