How can I be ranked #1 by the search engines such as google, bing, or yahoo?


It is essential to make every effort possible to get your web site to the top of the list when searching online. Unfortunately this can often take several months and the methods that search engines use to determine these rankings change frequently. Fortunatley for dental practices seeking a high ranking, this can easily be achieved due to the fact that most dental practice web sites are not taking the proper measures to ensure that they have a high ranking. A well designed dental website can easily be place on the first page of search engine result for your area in a matter of 3-6 months.


Having a well designed web site is the key. Here are a few simple rules that your web designer can follow:

- Have the proper tags and verbage selection throughout the site

- Have a well designed web page with good clean code

- Do not use a fully flash website or only graphic web site

- Submit your site to the proper search engines

- Have links to your site posted on other popular sites


There are many other components that can come into play when trying to reach the epic search engine ranking, but the above ideas will give you a good start. If you would like to evaluate your web site to see what can be done to enhance your search engine ranking, please contact us today for a free evaluation.

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