What type of web site design is best for your dental practice?


The same as is true in many other aspects of marketing and business, what is good for one practice may not be good for another. All dental practices are unique and vary based upon several factors. These factors may include, but are not limited to: philosophy of the doctor, geographic location of the practice, or demographics of the patients. These factors along with many others will influence the type of website design that may be best for your unique dental practice.


Some web design companies offer you a group of dental practice templates from which you can choose which one you think best fits your practice. Although this may be a quick and inexpensive way to quickly post a website for your practice, it does not portray any unique characteristics of your practice. Do you truly think there are only 5-10 different types of dental practices in the world? Then why should there be only 5-10 designs for you to choose from to classify your dental practice? All dental practices are unique and provide different aspects of care that determine the type of patients that frequent your practice. This characteristic and brand that you would like to portray for your practice and patient care should also be portrayed in the branding image you portray through your website. Therefore, it is important that your web site is designed for your unique image and contains information that is unique to your office. In my opinion, this can not be achieved by using a "cookie cutter" type website that may be chosen out of a group of possible predesigned dental practice templates.


If you desire the best possible online image for your dental practice, you should choose a website designer that is willing to work with you to achieve a unique brand and image for your practice and then portray this image through a uniquely designed website.


There are also several methods of web page layout when considering design selection. The layout of your page should vary based upon the methods by which you believe patients would most frequent the site. A web site that may be frequented most often by a mobile device would look much different than one frequented most often by a high speed connected computer. Today it is important to have a web site that can be loaded not only with a computer with a high speed connection, but also by a mobile phone with internet capability. Be sure to discuss design components with your web site designer that allow your site to be easily accessed and appear professional and easily navigated when accessed through different platforms and connections.

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